We are a wholesale Nursery located in Aurora, Oregon right along the williamette about 1 mile from I-5.  Specialing in Container grown Japanese Maples and field grown Conifers and shrubs, Bernert Nursery grows material of authentic quality.  Call today for a tour of our fields and/or greenhouses.  For availability call Nathan at 503-432-7905 or check availability page for current inventories and a complete Plant List.
Containers and Field Material
50 varieties of Japanese Maples propagated at Bernert Nursery and grown with consistent quality.
150 varieties of trees and shrubs grown in the field.  Cedrus, Picea, Pinus, Fagus, Acer Palmatum and more.  
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Containers: Acer palmatum #1/#3/#7 
Field Material: Conifers and Deciduous Plants
#7 Acer palmatum 'Shishigishira'
Cedrus deodara 'Bush's Electra' 5-6'
Greenhouses for Maples and Liner production.
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